5 Things You Can Do To Help Your Community During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The Paragon Team

Woman holding tea thinking about how to help community during coronavirus outbreak

We recently looked at some simple but effective ways you can help build your immune system against viruses, from maintaining a proper balance of vitamins to making sure you get a good night’s sleep. But while you might be feeling healthy, it’s important to remember there are those who are more vulnerable, and looking to their community to help get them on track.

Here, we outline some of the options out there that aren’t just beneficial to those who need it most, but safe for you as well.

Two houses with heart in between for neighbourly love

Check in with your neighbors

Whether you’ve met your neighbors or not, it’s time to check in and see how they’re doing. Even if there’s nothing they need, human to human conversation can go a long way. If you would rather keep your distance, there are a number of templates circulating on social media (like this) that you can print off and slip under the door.

Buy groceries for those more vulnerable than you

Stories of people panic-buying has swept news outlets, forcing a number of elderly and vulnerable people to steer clear of picking up essentials. If you’re feeling healthy and are practicing safe hygiene, reach out to those around you who you know might need a helping hand. There are also stores, such as Whole Foods, offering seniors dedicated shopping hours. For those who don’t have access to the internet, relaying this information could make a big difference.

Grocery bag for food bank donation

Donate to food banks

As more people self-isolate, both volunteers and food bank supplies are dwindling. Though it might be easy to purchase more than you feel you’ll need in times like this, it’s important not to stockpile. Be realistic about your expectations and donate what you feel you can spare in your local neighborhood.

Create or join a community Whatsapp or Facebook group

Coming together and pooling knowledge is key. By creating a dedicated Whatsapp or Facebook group for your community, you have a space where you can share tips, offer assistance and be part of a support network where everyone’s facing the same situation. It’s also a great opportunity to keep up with new developments and closures, or share them as you hear about them yourself.

Local business with location pin on top

Shop at local businesses

There’s no denying the impact of this situation is going to hit local businesses hard, especially those that have fallen victim to racism or discrimination. When and if you do need to do some shopping, gravitate towards your local grocery store, rather than the major retailers. It’s a step that will help local communities in the long-run.

Before you go, check out our post on immediately and efficiently building your immunity here.  

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