5 Reasons Why Testing Your Nutrient Levels Is The Key To Personalized Vitamins

Sam Bock

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At Paragon we use a powerful and personalized combination of metabolic testing, using your hair tissue, and an online questionnaire to determine nutrient imbalances and provide personalized vitamin packs right to your door. This highly revealing method has been used for over 15 years with professional athletes, and those wanting to enhance wellness and feel great.

But people often ask us, why is metabolic testing so effective? Here's what we know... 

 Reveals Mineral Levels and Metabolic Activity in Cells

Your health depends on key mineral levels inside cells, as intracellular minerals activate vitamins and enzymes inside cells. Hair reveals key information regarding mineral, vitamin, and overall enzyme balances inside your cells. Hair testing provides a clear window into cell health, metabolic activity, glandular and hormonal activity, nutrient levels, and any ongoing toxic metal exposures.

On the other hand, blood tests measure levels outside cells (extracellular), and the two are often not related. For example, most magnesium is stored inside cells, whereas less than 2% is stored in blood, meaning blood is not a good indicator of your magnesium levels.

Detects Hidden Mineral Imbalances

You can have a “normal” blood test and still have hidden cellular vitamin, mineral, or nutrient imbalances that are revealed in a hair test, as levels of nutrients in cells and blood are different. Hair testing measures mineral levels and ratios inside cells that directly affect related to vitamin and metabolic activities within the cell.

Different conditions are associated with particular balances of minerals. Adjusting those minerals and the associated vitamin levels is often the most critical factor to restoring metabolic balance and full health.

Detects Hidden Toxic Exposures

Since the body needs to keep the blood pure and uncontaminated, as a protective measure it works to quickly remove toxic heavy metals and store them deeply within cells, including hair. This is why someone can have a “normal” blood test and still have heavy metal toxicity. By acting as a receptacle for heavy metals over a period of weeks and months, a hair test will effectively pick up any ongoing metal toxicity—even when exposures are sporadic.

Stable, Long-Term Reading

Blood tests are subject to minute to minute fluctuations based on activity, emotions, and food eaten most recently. Our hair testing provides a long-term record of nutrient and toxin intakes affecting your vitamin and mineral balances and overall metabolic activity.

Painless and Non-Invasive

Taking a small snippet of your hair is pain-free, easy to do, and doesn't require any special storage or transport methods like refrigeration. They arrive at the lab without any fear of spoiling or damage. 

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Whether you're an elite athlete, an executive with a fast-paced career or a busy mom, your day-to-day activity depends on peak performance and a huge output of energy.  Data-based recommendations like what your hair can reveal about your body's needs, will help you get there faster and safer than any other method we have seen. 

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