What You Need To Know About Magnesium

Sam Bock

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Magnesium is often talked about when it comes to getting a good night's sleep, but it isn't quite as simple as some make it sound. Its role in the body goes far beyond sleep—being used more than any other mineral in powering the body.

Did you know that "poor sleep" can be broken into two general categories? Usually people have more trouble either falling asleep or staying asleep.  The mineral profiles for each are different, and magnesium deficiency is usually tied to people that have trouble staying asleep. 

Magnesium is critical to energy and hormone production, the activation of vitamins, and neurological, muscle and cardiovascular functions, including heart beat and blood pressure regulation. It helps with calm decision making when you're under pressure, while also helping to reduce anxiety. It's important to also know that magnesium is easily depleted by exercise, stress, alcohol, refined sugars, or a poor diet.

Magnesium is not a lone wolf, it works best in a pack

The ratio of magnesium to other minerals, in particular, calcium is extremely important. A high influx of calcium into muscle cells increases muscle contraction, so low magnesium and high calcium is a recipe for producing hyper-excitable muscles (translation: easier to pull, cramp and strain). Magnesium also protects against calcification of arteries and tissues, and deposition of calcium in joints, helping reduce arthritis when combined with other nutrients like organic flax oil, vitamin B6, B complex, zinc, and vitamin C if your body shows deficiencies.

Metabolic analysis is so effective (and why we advise against supplement self-selection) because it identifies not just mineral deficiency or excess, but the ratios of one to another. It is also important to recognize the other vitamins and minerals that help support and synthesize these minerals. For example, Paragon's magnesium is designed to be combined with the Multivitamin Formula 1 and Formula 2.

Not all magnesium is created equal

When choosing magnesium, you need to choose carefully as there are many types, all of which are absorbed differently, for example:

  • Magnesium Aspartate has been shown to significantly reduce the risk of heart attack

  • Magnesium Orotate has also been shown to exert beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system

  • Malate is involved in the synthesis, maintenance, and repair of nerve and lipid membranes


How to increase magnesium through diet and lifestyle

Eating a healthy diet which includes magnesium rich foods like green leafy veggies and nuts and seeds, is a good place to start if you need to increase your magnesium.  With a balanced diet, you also get the other vitamins and minerals that help absorb it. 

When shopping for a magnesium supplement, check the form you’re getting, and that you’re taking it with other synergistic nutrients.  Be mindful of the diet and lifestyle choices that are harder on the body (we're talking about you stress and alcohol), and deplete magnesium along with other key nutrients.

Paragon magnesium saves you the trouble

Designed and tested to support energy uptake and deep sleep for maximum recovery, Paragon magnesium has been precisely crafted over 15 years with our professional athletes, built to work in combination with the other vitamins and minerals in your personalized vitamin packs. There is no better magnesium supplement available to bring your system into balance to help you catch that perfect sleep. 

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